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The Ambassador Reception.
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The Power of Policy

A publication containing principles and strategies of engagement meant to achieve desired goals for one or more parties is useless if no one invokes its power.

The newly-launched Diaspora Policy awaits those with purpose and vision to set off towards making 2015 truly the Diaspora year. Diaspora leaders should wear out the pages in Chapter 2, which spells out "Strategies and Objectives"; and Chapter 3, "Institutional and Implementation Framework" to invoke the powers of that policy and achieve the goals we have envisioned over the years. 

It's important to realize that the struggle to have this policy has been years in the making. A lot of lobbying and individual sacrifice of time and resources went into what started as the push to legislate diaspora affairs through a Diaspora Bill that would be signed into law.  Read more


Change of Guard in Powertown


The Kenya Embassy in Washington DC is arguably the most powerful of Kenya Missions. Its location in the so-called Capital of the World makes it the coveted posting for both the consummate Kenyan diplomat and the strategic politician. Washington DC “has the capacity to make and unmake wars, to rescue or cripple economies.” So says John Parker, globalization Editor of the Economist who aptly gives DC the name, Powertown. Read more



Diaspora Agenda at Presidential Meeting in Washington, DC




Final National Diaspora Policy Revised


July 10, 2014



The Kenya DiasporaPolicy is a product of a highly participatory and inclusive consultative process which brought together stakeholders with long standing and solid knowledge and expertise on Diaspora issues. The Policy therefore benefited from views and input from relevant Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Diaspora Associations, private sector, civil society, NGOs and development partners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Services played a lead role in the development of the Policy. Kenyans abroad were ably represented by Diaspora Associations such as the Kenya Diaspora Alliance (KDA) and the Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) . Access complete Policy here (PDF)


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