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Are you eligible to vote?

on Nov 02, 2012



Are You an Eligible Diaspora Voter? Take Action Now

Sign up here as an eligible diaspora voter: This is a diaspora-driven (not IEBC) registration website meant to create a credible database of eligible diaspora voters. Its purpose isto help us push for legislation leading to official online voter registration through IEBC.


IEBC has no credible solutions at the moment, and it is the responsibility of Kenyans abroad to propose and create the best solutions. Online diaspora voter registration presents an accessible, efficient, cost-effective, and secure solution. It is used in 10 American states, among other countries, and is appropriate and easy to implement for the Kenyan diaspora.


Your vote is powerful beyond measure; it should never be taken for granted. Your participation in this Diaspora Voter Eligibility Registration empowers us all. It is a safe facility secured through SSL certification. Please go to register now, and share the link with your lists, forums and social networks. More details are also on the website.

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