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Diaspora, no more spectating. Time to fight back!

on Nov 28, 2012


Fellow diaspora Kenyans,


Yup, you just got ambushed. Cabinet just did their shock-and-awe on you, and they're hoping we're all fools enough to cower and creep back to our sodden diaspora hole.


The decision by Cabinet to disenfranchise the entire Kenya diaspora, we know, is unconstitutional, draconian, and ill-calculated. That a Cabinet can, in one sitting, all by itself, can make such a sucker-punch decision completely  trashes the independence (or whatever little of it is left) of the IEBC. It is dangerous and forebodes a fearful election if nothing is done.


If you have been a spectator in the fight to enable diaspora voting, now is the time for you to take a stand. You must become aware of the pattern of discord, disillusionment, and disregard for issues that is now engulfing Kenya leading to elections 2013. Diaspora vote is one of the issues that must not be lost in the fog of turmoil that’s building across the country. Please do not for a moment think it’s irrelevant compared to the insecurity in Garissa, Eastleigh, Kisumu, Mombasa... Your vote is powerful beyond measure, remember that, and it will greatly inspire fellow Kenyans.


It is NOT true that the diaspora vote is expensive or complicated to implement. It’s not rocket science and can be implemented effectively, securely, many times cheaper than BVR as we speak. That IEBC now reneges on their own decision to implement diaspora voting through the embassies is terribly disturbing. The total disenfranchisement of the diaspora is indefensible, and of course, unlawful.


A meeting of diaspora leaders has been called for tonight. While these representatives from various organizations gather to formally craft more direct action, please take the simple action of joining the “million (online) voters’ march” by signing up here:  With a million voices, we can move mountains.


Shukran, Mkawasi

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